ESIL Angel: Larissa Best

Bio at a glance

As President of LBAN and director and co-founder of the Equilibre association, Larissa is an entrepreneur, business angel and militant advocate for the better representation of women in the business sector. She has experience as a CEO, a founder, a lecturer, and a mentor. She started off as an entrepreneur and became a business angel afterwards.

Works at

LBAN’s goal is to promote, encourage and facilitate investment into companies by individuals. They find and train new Business Angels as well as facilitate access to dealflow from Luxembourg and the neighbouring countries.

Catch up with Larissa

"In Luxembourg early stage investment is not as mature as it is in the UK or in Belgium, overall, I would say we are up and coming".

Early stage investing in Luxembourg today:

  • Not as mature as in UK or belgium – this has to do with tax regulation as well
  • We don’t have that many cashed-out entrepreneurs
  • The startup ecosystem is building itself up
  • We are up and coming

My goals in Luxembourg

  • Wants to make sure that more people have opportunities to invest
  • Implementing best practices learned from other ESIL countries

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