ESIL Local Leaders Summit: the #ESILangels community takes shape

Published on 05/11/2018

The Summit brings together the ESIL Local Leaders (“#ESILangels”) with the ESIL Team for the first time. The goal: to empower each #ESILangel to boost early investment activity in their country.  

The #ESILangels are crucial to building Europe’s angel investing landscape: as the ESIL Local Leader in their country, they are responsible for implementing capacity-building measures on the ground.   

While each country has its own unique ecosystem, opportunities and challenges, the #ESILangels nevertheless have a lot to teach and learn from each other, which is why they are coming to Brussels for two days of exchanges, brainstorming and networking.  

Topics will include trends in early stage investing, best practices in activating local ecosystems and building investor networks, and much more. 

Follow the event and stay informed via social media and our newsletter (below). On Twitter, moreover, watch out for #AngelSummit for the duration of the event, and #ESILangel in general.

Speakers include: 
  • Ignacio Puente, European Commission  
  • Andrea Di Anselmo, Vice-President, META Group (Italy) 
  • Brigitte Bauman, Founder of Go Beyond 
  • Philippe Gluntz, Founder of Paris Business Angels
  • Reginald Vossen, CEO BAN Vlaanderen (Belgium) 
  • Teresa Valente, Executive Secretary General at APBA (Portugal) 
  • René Reijtenbagh, Founder Business Angels Connect, Vice President at Business Angels Europe (Netherlands) 
  • Jenny Tooth,  CEO of the UK Business Angels Association (UK) 
  • Jacek Blonski, META Ventures (Poland) 
  • Mészáros Mónika Alíz, Budapest Enterprise Agency (Hungary) 
  • Claire Munck, BeAngels (Belgium) 
  • Luigi Amati, META Group CEO and Chairman, Business Angels Europe (Italy) 
  • Bjorn Lappako, Funder Beam (Estonia) 
  • Oliver Gajda, European Crowdfunding Network 
  • Joe Greaney, Director of WESTBIC (Ireland) 
  • Javier Echarri, CEO, European Business & Innovation Centres