African Companies ePitches

African Companies ePitches
The next international ePitch will take place on Tuesday, January 30th at 4pm and will put African startups in the spotlight.
9 companies in search of funds, chosen by Bpifrance among the winners of the Trophy startups in Morocco by our partners AttijariWafa Bank.
Here is the program. You are welcome!
Drones / Artificial Intelligence [Cameroon] - Already 12 customers | Amount sought: € 2 million Digital Marketing / Virtual Reality /
Augmented Reality [Morocco] - Already 15 customers | Amount sought: 1 M €
MedTech / eHealth [Cameroon] -  Already 70 Customers, 1000 Subscribers - Rolex Awards for Companies - African Award for Engineering Innovation | Amount sought: 1.5 M €
Fintech [Rwanda] - 2,500 customers - a dozen accredited merchants - transactions from more than 30 countries | Amount sought: 250 k €
E-commerce / Retail Stores [Morocco] - Already 700 shops online | Amount sought: 200 K €
Cleantech [Morocco] - 4 major partner customers, including Autoroutes du Maroc | Amount sought: 1.5 M €
E-commerce [Ivory Coast] - Already 2 partners | Amount sought: 800 k €
Cleantech [Morocco] - 10 customer tests in Morocco | Amount sought: 500 k €
Cleantech [Morocco] - 20 partner institutions - An order of 10 tonnes of biofuels | Amount sought: 200 k €
Each companie will have 6 minutes to convince you to fund them. You can submit your questions online after each pitch.
You can register now at this address:  
Once your registration done we will send you by email the link to join us. 

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