EBN CONGRESS - workshop on access to finance: Tips for successful investments in RDI projects.

Luxembourg - 06/06/2018


During the annual EBN Congress in Esch-Sur-Alzette (Luxemburg) from 6th to 8th of June, organised by EBN and EBN-Member Technoport, ESIL and the needs of early stage investors will be addressed and represented as well.
On the 6th of June there will be a workshop on “Access to finance: Tips for successful investments in RDI projects”.
You can register here for the EBN-Congress: http://ebncongress.eu/congress-2018-programme
The workshop aims to discuss the importance and the challenges of investing in R&D&I projects and to present very promising technologies looking for investment – both locally and internationally. The workshop will address the challenges, needs and pressing questions, that investors interested in investing in R&D&I projects are facing. Ranging from the question why it is important to have more skilled and professional early stage investors, to how potential investors can access information and training on how to become an early stage investor in R&D&I projects. The workshop will also dip into why it is beneficial for investors to be part of a network, how investors can identify and evaluate promising RDI projects and what role EU|BICs can play in this process. An important point to be discussed will also be how to increase the number of women investors and what to look out for when it comes to cross border investment.
Furthermore, the workshop will give the stage to 5 disruptive future emerging technologies, who will pitch their innovation in front of the audience. A judging panel made up by the speakers of the first session will rank the 3 best performances.
The workshop will feature the following experts:
Introduction – Aim of the session and initiatives behind it (ESIL, FET2RIN and ENRICH China): Laura Lecci, EBN and ESIL and FET2RIN project manager (5’)
  • Panel session (1h05’):
    • Javier Megias (Startupxplore and ESIL Advisory Board member) – moderator
    • Ignacio Puente González (European Commission and ESIL PO)
    • Eileen Moloney (CorkBIC and ESIL Ireland Local Leader)
    • Zhigang Qian (Belt Fa and ENRICH China investor)
    • Larissa Best (Equilibre and LBAN President)
  • Pitching session (1h05’)
    • Alessia Melasecche Gemini (META Group and FET2RIN project coordinator) – moderator
    • BREAKBEN – pitching #1
    • CF-Web – pitching #2
    • GREEN FLASH – pitching #3
    • VISOSURF – pitching #4
    • WHITE Rabbit – pitching #5
    • Eoghan O'Neill (European Commission) – closing keynote speaker (TBC)
Follow the session live using the twitter account @European_ESIL and the hashtag #EBNCongress and #AccessToFinance and visit the EBN congress website to get to know more about the events at www.ebncongress.eu.
EBN congress - Workshop on access to finances: Tips for successful investments in RDI projects