EIPP x EuroQuity ePitch

Webinar - 04/07/2018

Dear all,
The next European startup online pitch will be held on July 4th, from 5 to 6 PM CET (register)
It will be the first event resulting of the partnership between the two complementary European investment networks : the EIPP   and EuroQuity   !
Companies were selected in collaboration by EuroQuity and EIPP teams.
This will be the opportunity to discover from your office high-potential profiles presented on both platforms.
Here is the program:
Healthcare / Diagnostics
A faster solution to monitor, control and contain diseases worldwide.
We aim to provide fast, affordable and in-situ blood test analysis to empower people with instant information about their well-being and health conditions.
Partnership w/ Birmingham BioHub and top Portuguese Hospitals | Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner | EU Top50 | H2020 Seal of Excellence | 2M€ sought
Resources / Environment / Agrotech
Recovered organic phosphorus made from food grade animal bones with advanced 3R zero emission carbon refinery technology.
Aim: implementation of a full industrial processing plant with 20,800 t/y throughput capacity with targeted sales €15M by 2020 (International replication market uptake franchise model). ROI <3years.
EU Commission Seal of Excellence | Already 50 customers | 10M€ sought.
Sugar reduction is the biggest challenge for the food industry today.
Sugar re-invented, a  technology-based modification of sugar resulting in a similar structural and organoleptic characteristic as sucrose, 1.4 times sweeter, and the most cost competitive alternative to all existing sugar-reduction solutions currently available on the market.
2 patents filed | EU funded project | Winner Seeds & Chips 2018 (Future Food) | 7M€ existing T/O | 5M€ sought
Biotech / Cleantech / Agrotech
Biotech based company exclusively focused on the production and valorisation of microalgae.
Leveraging on more than 4 decades of experience with microalgae, our mission is to develop and commercialize high quality novel products derived from microalgae –agriculture, nutritional, cosmetics and pharma, among others-.
Hundreds of customers | R&D Projects that sum over €60m investment | 3-6M€ sought

Healthcare / Medtech
Non-Invasive and continuous blood glucose measurement device
Based on more than 15y. of R&D by universities, the virtual intelligence based device was developed according standards.
Clinical trial finished. Patent granted. Now in further development process according to telemedicine requirements.
Prototypes available | 6ME sought 

Foodtech / AI
Bidirectional B2B Marketplace for Fresh Produce Industry that is bringing the revolution of digital transactions on this sector.
Thanks to AI, algorithms and bots, we connect companies with complementary needs.
Streamlining the trading process, avoiding intermediaries and saving time, resources and money for these companies. Logistics and negotiations are integrated.
Our long-term vision, is to become the Stock Market of Fresh Produce Industry.
+ 3000 users | € 1 M sought

Cleantech / Renewable Energy
We provide sustainable energy with an unique and innovative technology to capture the energy from the waves of the sea. Breakthrough technology developed to a point where a well performing autonomic plug and play model can be demonstrated and brought to the market to accelerate the energy transition.
Award-winning startup | Partial funding secured (>90%) | 250k€ sought

Medtech / Healthcare
We help people live better lives and our new implantable corneal device aims to improve drastically  the detrimental and invalidating pathological corneal shape deformations (PCSD). The product will be manufactured in a totally new concept  of centralized and automated manufacturing facility.
Already 10+ Top-level Ophthalmologists in the network for clinical trials | Holder of 3 Seal of Excellence|10M€ sought

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See you soon online!
This online pitch session is based on a web conferencing system. No installation is needed on your side.
> Companies will each have 5 minutes to pitch, and investors may ask questions via a chat window throughout the session.
> You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event.