ESIL e-pitch featuring Croatian startups

E-Pitch - 27/11/2019


Our next ESIL e-pitch session will be held on the 27th of November at 17 CET. This time we will be featuring Croatian companies selected by our #ESILangel Frane Sesnic, CEO of Zagreb Innovation Center (ZICER).

Register now and discover the most promising startups from Croatia.   

The following sectors will be represented: IT, Robotic, Bio plastic, Machine Learning & Gaming…from 0.2 M€ to 1.2M€ tickets.


IT / Robotic Process Automation 
An enterprise grade platform for automating business processes using software robots sometimes referred to as digital workers. We use artificial intelligence to provide more robustness and simplicity in creating and maintaining software robots. Using AI, we are empowering software robots with vision, communication and learning capabilities. Launched product with customers and partners - Winner of the Split Startup regatta – Winner of state grant for research & development | 1.2M€ sought – Croatia 

Climate / Bio plastic 
Replacing existing plastic products on the market with biodegradable alternatives. Product Spinfly - a biodegradable flying fidget which solves three problems: 1. kids need more movement and development of coordination, 2. businesses are on the lookout for new forms of marketing, branding and innovative business gifts, 3. With 100% biodegradability we bring alternatives to plastic in Croatia and fight plastic pollution and global warming. INOVA 2018 – Golden Medal, Startup Live Zagreb 2018 – Special Winner, Member of Zagreb Innovation Center – ZICER, Partner with Evegreen startup, Slovenia and Nature2need, Germany for development of alternatives to plastic. Award | 0.5M€ sought – Croatia 

Hospitality / B2B / Machine Learning 
We developed a business intelligence solution in the huge hospitality market of underserved independent bars & restaurants. We serve both sides of the market, food & beverage producers and SME bars & restaurants. Finished TechStars acceleration and have some nice traction, over 400 customers in 5 countries and growing. We have some great things in the pipeline and can reach almost 200k customers by the end of the year. | 0.8M€ seed sought - Croatia 
IT / Gaming / Entertainment 
A next-generation arcade machine designed for a modern audience, featuring brand new games, and online and NFC connectivity. Easily customizable from inside (hardware) and out (palette swap). Zagreb Design Week Festival 2019 - Finalist, Reboot Infogamer 2018 - Official Selection, Reboot Develop Blue 2019 - Official Selection | 0.5M€ sought – Croatia 

 IT / Gaming Industry 
Highly realistic remote-controlled tank models in 1:12 scale, with operational possibilities replicating those of real tanks, intended for simulation of tank battles in which players use different tactics and manoeuvres to outplay their opponents, find the weak spots and bring their Health Points to zero. Best Croatian startup by BUG audience in 2018, Winner of the Idea knockout 2019 startup competition in Croatia and a representative of Croatia on CES Las Vegas 2020. | 0.2M€ sought – Croatia