ESIL in Hungary at Budapest Start-Up Night

Hungary - 27/11/2018

Budapest’s Start-Up Night 2018 on 27 November at Bálna Budapest Centre will mark Hungary’s official ESIL Open Day. More than 600 people are expected to attend the Start-Up Night, a well-known entrepreneurial event that takes place every year and is the most important date in the calendars of Hungarian start-ups.  

Piroska Szalai, Chair of the Board of Budapest Enterprise Agency and ESIL Local Leader for Hungary, will open the event alongside key Hungarian political figures: Mihály Varga, Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Finance for Hungary, Dr. Gábor Bagdy, Deputy Mayor of Budapest and Dr. Zoltán Birkner, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.  

The event will then get underway with a panel discussion on developing start-ups in Budapest. That will be followed by a second panel, where EBN’s Robert Sanders, Head of International Projects, will present the ESIL project as an example of how Budapest can strengthen its international relations in relation to early-stage investment.  

On 26 November, business angel Patrick Van Roey will deliver a training on activating new and existing BAs in in Budapest. Born and raised in Belgium, Van Roey worked internationally as a software engineer until he founded IT company BnV in 1998. The company was taken over by Business & Decision, Euronext: Paris BND (now part of Orange – France) in June 2008, and since then Van Roey has become increasingly invested in the entrepreneurial and start-up environment, continuing to invest, coaching start-ups and early seed companies and working as a Deal Maker for the Business Angel Network in Belgium.  

Soon-to-be Business Angels in Hungary got their first taste of ESIL at a training delivered by Philippe Gluntz, long-time venture capitalist and President of Business Angels Europe, earlier this year.   

The training session got underway on 25th September in Budapest, and aimed to activate new business angels in Hungary. Participants were then invited to attend an intimate dinner with experienced local angels and government officials.