ESIL Open Day in Norway

Baltics & Nordics - 27/08/2018

Funderbeam, the ESIL local leader for the Nordic Countries, has set the beginning of activities by organising an Open Day in Norway to be held on August 27 and 28.
The presentation of the Early Stage Investing Launchpad will take place into a session with the name of “Future of Investments”, held at the main bank in Trondheim, Norway. Funderbeam will provide opening speech   as well as leading a presentation   about startup and investor data intelligence.
During the week-long event  schedule, there will also be the participation of other speakers, being the CEO’s of crowdfunding platforms such as   and, and some international investors like the founder of
For more details, visit the following link:
14.00: Crowdfunding in Norway, Geir Atle Bore, Norwegian Crowdfunding Association and CEO FundingPartner
14:10: A new investment world, Funderbeam
14.25: Future Investments, Lucy Fund
14.40: Investment panel: "new vs. old investment models »
15.20: Crowdfundng Pecha Kucha
16.00: Mingling in «Crowdfunding Expo»
17.00: Crowdfunding Dinner & AfterParty from 17.00 
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