ESIL Study Visit to the Netherlands and Germany

The Netherlands - 12/09/2019

Come to the "smartest square km in Europe" to learn about angel investment and innovation

Eindhoven, the home of Philips, is a world-class innovative region. The so-called "Brainport" is becoming famous for developing novel hardware, and one of Eindhoven's most well-known projects is the Lightyear One, an electric car that charges itself in the sun. 

Study Visit participants will benefit from a trip to HealthWorks, a breakthrough healthtech accelerator powered by Philipps. They'll learn about best practices in business angel syndication and cross border cooperation from a Dutch perspective and benefit from in-depth analyses on health investing and crowdfunding

After checking out the Netherlands, the Study Visit participants will cross the border to the Ruhr region of Germany on 13 September. There, they'll have the chance to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein at Essen and learn about how the area has transitioned from a coal mining hub to a digital hotspot. We'll travel to the Ruhr Hub, a world-class accelerator for digital start-ups, and discuss how Germany rewards Europe's business angels. There'll also be a guided tour at the Impact Hub, an innovative accelerator designed to support social entrepreneurs

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*Please note that transportation to and from the Netherlands and Germany will be covered.