ESIL Cross-border e-pitch session #2

E-Pitch - 26/03/2019

The second ESIL Cross-border e-Pitch session will be held on Tuesday March 26th, from 5 to 6 PM CET


A unique deal flow recommended and valued by business angels from your networks and beyond.

8 companies selected. The following sectors will be represented: Cleantech, Medtech, Logistics, eLearning, IoT, blockchain…mostly 250 k€  to 500k€ tickets.

Here is the program:

Cleantech / Energy
Robotic concentrated solar thermal collector with Fresnel lenses, brings the power of the big solar power plants on the roof of every building, and effectively reduces the fuels used for heating (40% of Europe’s total energy consumption), in a practical and cost-effective way.
HORIZON2020 SME Instrument Phase II Seal of Excellence funding secured, Top-ranked climate solution in the European Commission’s “World You Like Challenge”, winner in the Climate Colab’s competition “MIT Climate Mitigations Solutions”. | 500.000 € sought – Greece

SaaS/ Corporate Academy
We offer a video training SaaS to help companies improve sales results, client retention and partners performance. With bugle companies can easily create, publish, and share their video training courses. Bugle tool allows for a fully branded experience and is ready to deploy in a few hours. With bugle companies can share videos, add all kinds of supporting materials, and create their own quizzes, challenges and surveys to make sure their audiences have a great training experience. Bugle reporting features measure and analyze individual and team training performance. Much simpler than the regular LMS, much better than Youtube or a newsletter - that's bugle.
Product up and running, 19 corporate paying users including Farfetch, Treatwell, Nestle, Randstad, LeoPharma, 100% retention so far.  | 0.5M€ sought – Portugal  

IOT / Wearable / HealthCare / Smart Shoe
We are building a patent-pending technology to turn all types of shoes to biometric data tracking and wellness monitoring device. We provide the only technology which besides physical activity tracking does also body weight tracking. Embry Tech offers shoe and insole companies an inclusive package of hardware and software to effortlessly become a connected shoe/insole producer.
Winner of the pitch competition getting investment from Index Ventures – Top 5 investible startups in DU FALL 2018 in Silicon Valley – Winner of HyeTech Europe 2018 Award - Top 5 hottest activity trackers of 2018 featured in | 250K€ sought  – Armenia

Blockchain / Software
We are an all-in-one automated trading software that allows the creation of trading bots for digital assets without asking for a deposit to its clients. Technology and services deployed to traders and delivering early revenues.
9,000 registered users, and 432 products sold between top-ups and yearly licenses for using the software.; Recently partnered with BitMart (Exchange), Crown (Cryptocurrency), and Multichain. (Blockchain). | 250K EUR - UK

Our motion tracking sensors allow patients to rehabilitate safely and effectively anywhere and anytime. We provide ultra-precise movement measurements in real time, while our app guarantees supervision of exercises. All together they bring a real and significant change in the recovery process – it is safer, more effective and extremely convenient. 
Finalist of Deutsche Telekom hub:raum program. Alumnus of Startupbootcamp Digital Health accelerator program in Berlin. Alumnus of Fundingbox IMPACT Poland accelerator. Finalist of 2018 MEDICA app competition. Finalist of the Startups in Palace event organising by the President of the Republic of Poland. Partner with top insurance company in Poland and top private healthcare provider in Poland. | 0.5 M EUR soughtPoland

Smart Logistics
We provide an end-to-end solution enabling monitoring and tracing of a shipment along the entire route to destination. It exploits innovative tracking technology combining GNSS and proximity, IoT connectivity and blockchain features for recording states, events, and timestamps.
AWARDED with ESA BIC STARTUP program. Horizon2020 SME Instrument phase 1 submitted. Phase 2 in preparation. Private Business Angel currently acquiring shares. Application to Innova Venture funding instrument in progress. | 1M€ sought – Italy

Eco-friendly packaging film, 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable, has similar characteristics to plastic, it is transparent, weldable, shrinkable and printable, and does not emit toxic substances or Co2 (carbon dioxide); can replace about 70Millions Ton years of polluting plastic. A unique innovation in the world in this sector.
Sixty years history in the sector, ex producer and today traders of plastic films for packaging, clients located in many countries around the world, LOIs signed by leading worlds distributors (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Australia, New Zeland, China, India...) | 3.0M€ sought – Slovenia

We make smart glasses to improve mobility and personal autonomy of visually impaired people. Using 3D vision, AI and mixed reality, our glasses detect and let the users perceive obstacles and other mobility risks.
Awarded with EIT Health "Headstart"grant - Awarded with Startup Capital grant form Government of Catalonia - Awarded with H2020 SME1 grant - Winner of Imagine IF Barcelona Final – Winner of Keiretsu Investment Forum Barcelona - Finalist of CRAASH EIT Health Bootcamp - Finalist of Smart Challenge for Social Inclusion, Government of Catalonia | 1.5M€ sought –Spain