Training for potential investors in Cyprus

Cyprus - 15/11/2018

CyRIC (Cyprus Research & Innovation Center Ltd) will host an event for potential investors in Cyprus the 15th of November. This event is closed for the investor community and entrance is granted to invited members only. The session is organized in cooperation with the Cyprus Business Angel Network (CyBAN).

ESIL supports the event with a training session by René Reijtenbagh, CEO of Netherlands Business Angels Connect and Vice-President Business Angels Europe. He will deliver a two hour workshop and training on the following subjects:
Angel Investing for you:
Who are Business Angels and what are their motivations? 
What is the typical investment process?
How to get started?
How much time is needed to be a Business Angel?
Manage Investments and Follow up Rounds: 
How and Why do Angels contribute know-how/support in addition to financing? 
What are common challenges entrepreneurs face that angels should recognise?
When do follow-on rounds usually occur and how do they work?
Setting up business angel networks with different earning model settings based on Mr. Renes’ long experience.

More information about the event here