Webinar: Angels investing for you

Webinar - 24/04/2018

The first of the ESIL free webinar series will be held on April 24 from 17.00 to 18.30 (CEST). To attend this event you have to register   before. This first webinar is aimed for the people who have never invested before. You will have the opportunity to learn from ESIL Archangel   Brigitte Bauman (Go Beyond Founder and European Angel Investor of the Year 2015)
Why should you join this webinar?
Angel Investing connects companies and investors. Who are Business Angels, what do they do and why? Learn when the Business Angels usually invest and their chances of success. Understand the four stages of the Investment cycle, define your own investment strategy and your involvement with the start-ups.
What will be covered?
•          Who are Business Angels and what are their motivations? 
•          What is the typical investment process?
•          How to get started?
•          How much time is needed to be a Business Angel?
Target audience
•          Individuals who have the potential of being an angel 
•          Individuals who want to become an angel
•          Nascent, actual and experienced angels
Register here   to participate in the first ESIL webinar. Registration free.