Webinar: Crowdfunding Platforms and co-investments

Webinar - 19/11/2018

Monday (14.00 CET)
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Become a professional investor with our ESIL free webinar series! Join our webinar "Crowdfunding Platforms and co-investments" and you will learn more about:
1. Angel co-investing via Crowdfunding
2. Crowdfunding as part of the early-stage investment ecosystem
3. Which crowdfunding platforms work with angels?
4. Business models in equity Crowdfunding
5. Government led co-investments

About the speakers: Dr. Conny Weber is Senior Research Analyst at the European Crowdfunding Network (Belgium) and teaching about Financing Innovation at the Danube University Krems (Austria). Her work and research topics are mainly related to innovative business models and alternative financing instruments, enhancing access to finance for entrepreneurs and SMEs.