Webinar: Deal Terms I

Webinar - 21/01/2019

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Why should you join this webinar?
Why do entrepreneurs and investors need these documents? Understand the differences and similarities among Term Sheet, Shareholder Agreement and Statutes. Learn the key components these documents should cover, main clauses and how to create and negotiate them.

What will be covered
What is the purpose and difference between Term Sheet, Shareholder Agreement and Statutes?
What are the key components of most Term Sheets/ Shareholder Agreements?
How are Deal Terms usually negotiated and created?
How long does it take?

Target audience
Individuals who have the potential of being an angel
Individuals who want to become an angel
Nascent, actual and experienced angels

About the trainer: Brigitte Baumann. GoBeyond Founder and European Angel Investor of the YearBrigitte Baumann has 20+ years of experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe. She was the CEO and Director of iWORLD Group, a VC backed, global developer of mobile content. She was Senior Vice President and General Manager Internet at American Express (Amex) Corporate Services. There she launched a variety of internet businesses including online travel (strategic partner of Expedia.com and subject of HBS case study) and e-Procurement.