#ESIL Angels

Please discover our #ESILAngels - our Local Leader in each country.

Ana Coll


Anna Coll works in Management of Associations since 2008. She has been working for AEBAN for the pas…

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Benjamin Brehin


Benjamin started his first company when he was still a student, and is now in charge of managing the…

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Berrin Kuleli


Berrin Kuleli was born in Istanbul. She acquired a series of skills and experience within her 10 yea…

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Bjorn Lapakko

Baltics & Nordics

Bjorn Lapakko is Head of Community for Funderbeam. Before joining Funderbeam, he worked as a Senior …

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Borko Jovanovic


Borko Jovanovic is a senior manager that is leading various companies through the growth and expansi…

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Ciprian Man


Ciprian Man is a technology entrepreneur, marketeer, lecturer and business angel. He’s worked with t…

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Claire Munck


Claire Munck is the CEO of BeAngels, and has been involved with BeAngels for almost ten years. She i…

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Colin M. Donohue


Colin Donohue has a depth of experience from all walks of life, from working as a communications con…

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Doreen Camilleri and Paul Waltzing


Doreen Camilleri is a Certified Public Accountant and is a fellow member of The Malta Institute of A…

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Douja Gharbi


Douja Gharbi is a serial entrepreneur, she has launched many companies in Tunisia, some with success…

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Endri Bahja


The CEO of EXINN Technology Center in Albania, Endri Bahja, is a certified Strategic Innovation Tech…

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Frane Sesnic


Frane Sesnic #ESILangel for Croatia and CEO of Zagreb Innovation Center, ZICER, is heavily involved …

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Greg Hovhanisyan


Greg Hovhanisyan, the #ESILangel from Armenia, did his first investment in 2004 in a fintech start-u…

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Jacek Blonski


Jacek Blonski is a Board Member of APER Angels Network, Managing Partner at Zernike META Ventures In…

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Jenny Tooth

United Kingdom

Jenny Tooth is a well-established business angel from the UK. She’s the CEO of the UK Business Angel…

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Jurij Giacomelli


Jurij Giacomelli is the founder and managing director of Giacomelli Media, a consultancy specialised…

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Larissa Best


As President of LBAN and director and co-founder of the Equilibre association, Larissa is an entrepr…

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Lucia Usurelu


Lucia Usurelu is a qualified consultant in project management for the SME sector and women entrepren…

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Matthias Wischnewsky


Matthias Wischnewsky is a project manager for Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND), Germ…

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Olga Afanasyeva


Olga Afansyeva is the Executive Director at the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Associa…

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Panayiotis Philimis


Panayiotis Philimis is the Managing Director of CyRIC Cyprus Research & Innovation Center (the c…

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Paolo Anselmo


Paolo Anselmo is President of the IBAN association – Italian Business Angels Network – an organisati…

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Piroska Szalai


Piroska Szalai is the Chair of the Board of the Budapest Enterprise Agency since 2013, her task was …

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Reginald Vossen


Reginald Vossen holds two Master’s Degrees in Applied Economic Sciences (Commercial and Financial Sc…

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Rene Reijtenbagh


René Reijtenbagh is Managing director of the Dutch Business Angels Association called BAN Nederland.…

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Sasha Bezuhanova


Sasha Bezuhanova is an activist and philanthropist who contributes to Bulgaria's IT industry.

A for…

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Teresa Valente


Teresa Valente is the Executive Secretary General at APBA, the Associação Portuguesa Business Angels…

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Theodosios Palaskas


Theodosius Palaskas is a professor of economic analysis, research fellow of the Athens Academy and D…

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Ultan Faherty


Ultan Faherty has been the Area Manager for WESTBIC, the official EC Business and Innovation Centre …

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