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ESIL Angel: Bjorn Lapakko

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Bjorn Lapakko is Head of Community for Funderbeam. Before joining Funderbeam, he worked as a Senior Marketing Manager for Aimia Inc and Gage, in the US. Bjorn has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Oregon State University and a BA in Marketing & Business from the Unviersity of St Thomas.

Works at

Funderbeam is a funding and trading platform for high-growth private companies. It helps founders raise funds beyond borders and provides access — and unique liquidity — to early stage equity investors.

For founders, Funderbeam provides access to a community of high quality, active investors who can add value to a project — plus, founders are able to choose who can invest and therefore retain control over their cap table. The cost of raising capital is also significantly reduced via automated online processes.

For investors, Funderbeam provides access to a community of ambitious growth companies — and the liquidity afforded by being able to get in and out whenever needed. Each business has a lead investor who will act as an ambassador for the deal.

Catch up with Bjorn

"When Europe as a whole is on a rise, the major tech players in Scandinavia and the Baltics are also on a rise".

Early stage investing in Baltics & Nordics today:

  • Early stage companies are looking for funding to fuel their growth
  • Countries like Estonia are setting new records year after year of foreign and domestic investment

My goals in Baltics & Nordics

  • Increase cross border investment
  • Bring the global community together in terms of technology and innovation

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