ESIL Angel: Borko Jovanovic

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Borko Jovanovic is a senior manager that is leading various companies through the growth and expansion process. He is the managing director of ACOLIN InfoTech and founder of Polyhedra. 

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Early stage investing in Serbia today:

  • There are several so-called incubators in the area of Belgrade, but some are in effect not more than co-working spaces with some limited support.
  • The real active one in Belgrade is the Science Technology Center Technology. It seems a very active incubator, closely connected with the Belgrade Technology University.
  • There are several active co-working space, some of which are also working as incubators.

My goals in Serbia

  • Introduce structure to business angels’ activities in Serbia in the upcoming years.
  • Angel recruitment: Creation of the business angels’ network and putting together an appropriate structure to assure further growth and member replenishment. Online seminars, on-site visits and special meetings will serve the purpose of education of initial members base as well as for ongoing recruitment process.

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