ESIL Angel: Greg Hovhanisyan

Bio at a glance

Greg Hovhanisyan, the #ESILangel from Armenia, did his first investment in 2004 in a fintech start-up that is the biggest online payment system in Armenia now. Hovhanisyan has been involved in investing in tech since then.

Works at 


BANA provides a platform for investors to meet their peers. The organisation also connects investors with aspiring start-ups and entrepreneurs in need of capital and guidance. The investors benefit by finding opportunities for financial reutrn while the entrepreneurs benefit from receiving financing and mentorship. Therefore, BANA is building an ecosystem that facilitates successful investments.

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"We are working on bringing the culture to investors".

Early stage investing in Armenia today:

  • Is not as developed as we would like it to be
  • We are working on bringing the culture to the investors to do early stage investing specifically in tech start ups because tech is the fastest growing sector in the Armenian economy

My goals in Armenia

  • Be more structured
  • Do our work more successfully

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