ESIL Angel: Jacek Blonski

Bio at a glance

Jacek Blonski is a Board Member of APER Angels Network, Managing Partner at Zernike META Ventures Ingenium Poland, an independent Board Member of Business Angels Europe and a Partner in META Group. Previously, he was CEO of Lewiatan Business Angels.

Works at

APER Angels

APER Angels is one of the most active group in Poland in terms of the number of deals and value of the deals in the last 4 years co-investing very often with VC funds in the seed, series A and B rounds. From 2014 to 2018 investors associated with APER Angels invested more than 20M EUR into 26 deals in the co-investment model with BA Funds called Ingenium Poland that is operating under National Capital Fund initiative.

Early stage investing in Poland today:

  • Angel investing isn’t quite as well known or understood in Poland as it is in the United States, for example, but the infrastructure to facilitate it is developing.
  • There are at least eight regional or international networks in the country at present

My goals in Poland

  • Further development of the local BA market by growing numbers of angels, professionalization and bringing best practices from more experienced countries
  • Increasing number of deals and private BA investment into start-ups
  • Exchange best practice and know how between investors
  • Increase number of co-investment deals – either between BA’s and BA co-investment funds

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