ESIL Angel: Theodosios Palaskas

Bio at a glance

Theodosius Palaskas is a professor of economic analysis, research fellow of the Athens Academy and Director of the Center for Studies and Research ACCI and BANG-ACCI. He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at Oxford University.

Works at

The Business Angels Network Greece (BANG) was founded in 2014 by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), in an attempt to bridge the gap between potential entrepreneurs and investors willing to engage in the start-up community. The ultimate goal of the ACCI is to provide more people from various backgrounds with the opportunity to get involved in entrepreneurship, by engaging investors that can fund their initial capital expenses.

Early stage investing in Greece today:

  • The number of start-ups and incubators has increased significantly in the last several years. This is mainly the result of young entrepreneurs creating start-ups to avoid unemployment. It is unclear what percentage of these will be of the high growth potential nature suitable for Angel type investment (in particular equity).
  • Angel activity in Greece is low. EBAN estimated there was just €3.2m of visible Angel investment in 2016. There are existing but low levels of angel investment.
  • Investing sectors of interest are: IT, internet, digital, software, agriculture & agri-foods, biotechnology, medical, health and consumer products.

My goals in Greece

  • Engage potental early-stage investors and support them in the development of their investing activity
  • Share knowledge and experience with among investors and investors' clubs and associations across Europe.
  • Significantly increase the general awareness and acceptance of private investing as a prime source of capital.

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