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Published on 30/11/2017

Nowadays look for investment is a top priority for any startup that wants to scale up or any company willing to grow and assert its presence in the market. If, in one hand, it is difficult for companies to know which door to knock, on the other hand, it is extremely challenging for investor to decide where to put their money.

Quiet few questions raise: What is the best one to invest in? Where is the lowest risk? Am I really able to become an investor? Where can I find more deal flow? How much money should I invest?

ESIL, the early stage investors launchpad, offers support, training, coaching and networking opportunities to either individual and clubs of investors willing to become business angels and/or acquire new market and expertise. In order to guide potential or already existing investor, ESIL can count on very experienced Archangels working to recruit the most active leaders in each EU and H2020 Associated countries in order to implement, in the most efficient way, the ESIL programme and build our exclusive community.
We are glad to introduce you our Archangels.
Archangel Luigi Amati

As an Angel Investor Luigi Amati is one of the nine founders of Italian Angels for Growth, and Chairman of META Ventures, an investment company with over 100 ml€ under management, of which over 60 ml€ have already been invested in more than 60 companies.
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Archangel Philippe Gluntz

Philippe Gluntz, a French citizen, has worked as a CEO and COO of major software and telecom companies (Alcatel Group, Cap Gemini Group, ADP Group) and has been for over 12 years a serial Business Angel, founder of both the Paris Business Angels – one of the largest French business angels networks – and of BAE, the Confederation of European Business Angels where he currently serves as the honorary president (previously as president).

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Archangel Marco Villa

Marco Villa is an experienced investor, trainer, consultant and manager who has succeeded in driving and managing established businesses and new initiatives in multicultural contexts. He is a co-founder and managing partner of Blue Spark Hub, a hub for Italian and European innovation in Asia.
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Archangel Brigitte Baumann

Brigitte is the founder and chairwoman of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing, the FinTech company transforming angel investing into a new scalable asset class. In November 2016, Brigitte is listed in Europe’s TOP 50 most influential women in the startup and venture capital space and Top Women in FinTech. Brigitte has 20+ years’ experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe.

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