ESIL Angel community meets for the first time

Published on 05/11/2018

On 5th and 6th November 2018 the first Local Leader Investor Summit (#AngelSummit) took place in Brussels. This was a highly anticipated meeting that brought the Local Leaders (or #ESILangels) of each country together with the ESIL team for the first time. 
The event was a success, a perfect occasion for exchanging ideas, brainstorming, networking and getting to know each other's practices. Hailing from countries with different investment ecosystems, the #ESILangels were able to contrast various situations and methods, as well as establish links for collaborations.
The meeting also served to reveal more about what ESIL can offer each member of the project, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible impact in their countries while also dealing with practical issues. The Local Leaders were divided into groups and participated in different workshops, in which they could give their opinions on how to improve the overall functioning of the community. 

The speakers who participated in the different panels boosted the event’s appeal further, covering topics such as trends for angels or sharing best experiences on angel investment, crowdfunding and incubation services. 

Each Local Leader is responsible for implementing the ESIL capacity-building program in their respective countries, with the aim of improving the Early Stage ecosystem market. From now on, the #ESILangels become the real protagonists and they hold in their hands the recipe to boost the early stage ecosystem in their countries.