ESIL initiative lands in Tunisia

Published on 07/03/2019

The #ESILangel for Tunisia Douja Gharbi is hosting an Open Day on March 12

The ESIL initiative will be launched next 12 of March in Tunisia. The #ESILangel for the country Douja Gharbi is hosting an Open Day to discover this unique opportunity to the participants, present the programme, discuss the Tunisian investment market, discover foreign experiences and identify opportunities for connection between local and foreign investors and Tunisian and Europeans startups.

"The term 'Business Angel' is not very well known in Tunisia. I think there is big potential because there are many entrepreneurs (man and woman) and also very interesting Tunisian diaspora around the world, able to become business angels", says Douja. 

Douja Gharbi is a serial entrepreneur, she launched many companies in Tunisia, and also helped and mentored many others entrepreneurs to grown their own business. "Entrepreneurs need 'smart finance'. This means that they need money, of course, but also ideas and guidance to implement them and reach the market", says the #ESILangel. 

This meeting will allow participants to:
- Become familiar with Early Stage Investing and crowdfunding in Tunisia
- Meet with national and foreign Business Angels
- Meet entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, key players in the innovation ecosystem

For those interested in becoming Business Angels, in the afternoon there will be training on Angel Investment animated by Mr Patrick Van Roey, ESIL trainer from Business Angels Network Flanders

When: 12 March 2019, 9:00 AM
Where: Hotel Lac Leman 

You are kindly requested to confirm your participation through this link:

- Conference program:

- Training program: (Limited to 20 people)


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