ESIL international online pitches : Italian session

Published on 04/10/2018

Five of the most promising projects, all looking for funding from 200 k€ to 1M€.
Investors, you can see them speak on October 16th at 5pm CET (register). Find out the program below. You are most welcome to join us! If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session.  

Companies will each have 7 minutes to pitch, and investors may ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event, so don’t miss to register.  

We’ll gladly explain you the details if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, !

Smart Home / Energy Saving :
The company developed a small microcomputer that replaces traditional wall switches to give homeowners more comfort, saving and security.The product is already on the market with more than 500 happy customers controlling their houses.
In test with 2 different big Italian Energy Provider | Good Energy Award 2016 Winner | € 600K sought.
Energy Efficiency/IoT/Machine Learning :
An IoT solution to save energy and improve indoor comfort. The company aims is to turn buildings into sustainable assets making them smart, energy efficient and comfortable.
Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence Winner | Gartner Cool Vendor 2017 | Selected for Endeavor X program | Selected for Microsoft Ai for Earth program | € 3M sought.
Texts / Documents / Content Management :
Solve the information overload, collaboratively. A solution to decrease learning and processing time of complex texts, where the initial beneficiary (or author) creates an easier and efficient document, for any other reader. Meaning extraction data are then used for machine learning.
Orders from three large corporate, interest from two large public administrations | Beneficiary of H2020 Sme Instruments Phase 1 | € 1M sought.
Food & Beverage :
The company produces and markets healthy, eco-friendly and tasty insect-based food products. They combine 100% natural ingredients with cricket powder – a great low-impact source of protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre. The company’s first products are available on the market.
Accelerated by the Nature Accelerator | Intesa San Paolo StartupInitiative 2018 Finalist | Awarded at Maker Fair 2017 | Backed by Fledge (US) | £ 200k sought.
ICT / Medical / physical therapy :
The company is changing the paradigm of physical therapy with wearables, innovative software, standardize rehabilitation programs created with big data and AI, and engagement of patients in clinic and at home.
They are already selling products in the international market with all the needed certifications and with great consensus from clinicians and patients.
Best European ICT startup at the 2013 EIT Awards | "UniCredit Start Lab" award in the 2014 edition | direct financing from Trentino Invest | 1.5 M€ sought.
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