ESIL Open Day & training workshop for investors in Albania

Published on 03/12/2018

December the 3rd 2018 was the day when the Early Stage Investing Launchpad (ESIL) officially opened in Tirana, Albania. The ESIL Open Day event was organized by ESIL Local Leader Mr. Endri Bahja, the CEO of  EXINN Technology Center on the premises of Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT), a leading educational institution for engineering, technology and start-ups development. The event brought together 25 participants such as entrepreneurs from the sectors of education, health, finance, ICT and construction; start-up owners, policy makers from the Ministry of Finance and Economy, current business angels and investors representing the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

EXINN’s Chairman, Mr. Andrea Papa gave the opening speech for the event. He was then followed by the country’s Archangel Mr. Philippe Gluntz who enriched the audience via a direct video conference call from France on two important presentations like Becoming a Successful Investor and; Syndicates and Angel Groups in Early Stage Investing.

The CEO of EXINN Technology Center, Mr. Endri Bahja presented the current situation of the Early Stage Investment in Albania and also gave a full introduction of the EUROQUITY platform for the audience. He urged the participants to consider this innovative investing platform as a golden opportunity to engage and benefit from in terms of idea financing and networking.

During the Q&A session, the participants expressed their broad interest for the ESIL Webinars in 2019 and most particularly for the upcoming business missions in France, Germany and Holland. 

The audience was also informed on the upcoming workshops for 2019 in Albania. The Honorary President of the Business Angels Network, the country’s Archangel, Mr. Philippe Gluntz himself will come and deliver two training workshops in Albania during late the spring of 2019. Everyone was looking forward for participating in the upcoming events and they considered the ESIL OPEN Day as a great starting point to elaborate further on Early Stage Investing for Albania.

The event was later finalized with a relaxing networking dinner where the participants exchanged their ideas for future initiatives, discussed current early stage investing matters and networked for further cooperation amongst each other.