Investors Portugal looks to invest €150M in tech-based companies

Published on 03/11/2021

The new association Investors Portugal was launched on Wednesday 6th of October 2021, as a result of the merger of the two Portuguese business angel groups: the National Federation of Business Angels (FNABA) and the Portuguese Association of Business Angel

Investors Portugal's mission is to bring together the various investors in the early-stage phases in Portugal; promote and develop the Portuguese early-stage ecosystem; establish itself as a reference partner in the sector; represent the sector's players and foster lines of relationship and support between them in the national entrepreneurial ecosystem, disseminating best practices and instruments, and providing information and knowledge about the sector. 

Currently, the association supports around 425 business angels and has more than 300 invested startups. 

With regard to vehicle entities and venture capital funds, there are already 23 and, in terms of investments under management, the value is around 500 million euros. They plan to invest 150 million euros over the next three years in technology-based companies. 

"If we want to have more qualified jobs with better salaries, we have to create more companies with high added value. Investors Portugal embraces these challenges by supporting its associates to invest in qualified entrepreneurship", says the co-president of Investors Portugal João Trigo da Rosa. 

"Do we want an innovative, competitive and exporting Portugal? This is only possible with well-organized business angels and venture capital,” says the association's second co-president, Pedro Bandeira. He believes that “Portugal has entrepreneurs with the skills to create international success”. 

Investors Portugal associates include individual business angels, business angel vehicles or groups, venture capitalists, corporate venture capitalists, public investors (such as Banco Português de Fomento and EIF-European Investment Fund), crowdfunding platforms, alternative investing (peer-to-peer investing), incubators and accelerators (in both cases, as long as they are investors).