Join the ESIL cross-border e-pitch session!

Published on 03/07/2019

The next ESIL pitch session will be held online on July 11th, from 5 to 6 PM CEST. Six European start-up are looking for funding. Is your country the right place for them to grow?

Do not hesitate to share to syndicate with your colleagues!

  • The following sectors will be represented : fintech, e-learning, marketplace, medtech, cybersecurity. Tickets size from 150.000€  to 2M€.
  • Companies are also looking for commercial partners. That would be appreciated if you could help them with connections. Other angels will do the same for you next time!
  • Even if you do not invest, we recommend you to come and get an overview of the current technologies.

Four companies are already selected. Two more will be confirmed soon: 


Fintech / Business Intelligence

We streamline and automate currency management for SMEs. Monitor live profit & loss per each one currency invoice to be paid, analyse the budget rate, compare with banks' predictions and more. All relevant accounting & trading data in one spot to make decision faster.
Winner of CEE Capital Markets Awards 2018 in FX / Payments, Top 50. Creative in Business 2018, Startup Brand Competition 2017 | € 0.15M€ sought – Poland


E-Learning platform / Business Intelligence

We check the learning needs of the companies through the benefits it brings: a UX experience to make the learning process intuitive and engaging, a learn-share-system to motivate the employees, both intrinsically, through acquiring knowledge and sharing it among communities of practice and also extrinsically, through the earning function.Named in the 4th place on Top20 in the world platform for customer experience by the largest community of elearning professionals in the world.

Revenue of 4k monthly and since 1 year when we launch the product the total revenue is 50K eur | € 0.35M sought Netherlands (now it is a company based in Romania)


Marketplace / Business Intelligence / Data

We are a peer-to-peer marketplace for private data empowered solutions, that will allow companies to pay users directly for their data or for profile targeted interactions, like showing a text or video, directing to an url, answering direct questions or receiving targeted products/services recommendations. We aim to provide our users an additional revenue stream, while giving companies an alternative to reach their audience that is fully compliant with GDPR and will reducing customer acquisition. Partnered with the biggest Portuguese utility | € 0,5M sought Portugal



We are providing innovative technology for efficient removal of DNA from gene therapy products and rapid DNA isolation for more reliable non-invasive early cancer detection and other in vitro diagnostics.

Technology is IP protected with 2 patent applications. R&D partnership with renowned research institution. Proof of concept successfully shown. Seed phase. | € 0,25M sought – Slovenia


A.I. / Baby Care / Medtech 
We produce Priya, a SAAS B2B composed of hardware complete with video, audio and air quality sensors, artificial intelligence in the cloud and a mobile app for data management and alerts to protect babies in the cradle. Best 20 European ideas Startupbootcamp - Exhibitor at BLAST 2017 - Best 5 Startup at Edison Pulse -  Finalist Wind StartUp Award -  Finalist of the 2018 AI WorkLab of Luiss EnLabs - Finalist of the 2019 Bioupper Contest - Winner of 5 international design awards - PI Campus, PI School AI Program - Funding 100k Lazio Innova - Global Startup Program ICE  | 0.3M€ sought – Italy


Cyber Security Intelligence / DeepTech

Our company is in cybersecurity Intelligence. Our goal is to ensure the integrity of low-level networks to counter the most recent threats from the internet and in particular from IOTs. Our Artificial Intelligence purpose is to secure in Plug and Plug the internet, and mobile network including 5G and all the IOTs connected to the network. We provide a product that includes hardware and software security in order to deploy 40 Antivirus + 1 Firewall + 1 VPN in Plug & Play.  Simple, intuitive and with a recurrent business model it has been designed to secure the network and make understandable and accessible cybersecurity to all at a glance. Top 5 in the 100 pitch competition in SLUSH, SOFLAB reward, IOTs Trophy. NDAs and LOIs signed by leading companies as (Thea Laboratories, Allianz, Bouygues ) | 2M€ sought – France