TAFTIE Online Pitch

Published on 04/10/2018

The next European startup online pitch will be held Thursday October 18th, from 5 to 6 PM CET (register here)

This session is non-sector specific : biotech, industry 4.0, robotics, digital farming…from 0.5 to 5M€ tickets.


8 companies were selected in collaboration with TAFTIE, the association that gathers all innovation agencies of European countries.
This will be the opportunity to discover from your office hi-potential profiles presented by 6 countries.


Here is the program:

Biotech / Microbiome [Belgium]
The first proprietary development platform that combines groundbreaking fundamental microbiome research and know-how with a novel and unique delivery technology allowing to keep bacteria alive in water-based environments. Potential applications are identified in various fields, including food, crop-protection, Health, Animal care and personal care. Company focused on personal healthcare for which it launched a branded product range.
EU Seal of Excellence SME, 2 Flemish R&D grants (VLAIO) - Already 1000 pharmacies, 7.000 consumers | 5 M€ sought

IoT / Supply Chain /Smart Logistics [Switzerland/UK]
We provide and End-to-end real-time service to monitor goods across all stages of the supply chain. Our turn-key solution is powered by an AI engine that delivers powerful analytics.
Over 10 international customers - CTI/Innosuisse, Swiss Re certified, 4 IEEE publications | 3 M€ sought

Robotics / Logistics / Industry 4.0 [France]
We provide a brand-agnostic automatic guided vehicle manager (AGV manager) that allows industrials to create simple and efficient automated systems.
Partner with 2 robot manufacturer - 1 client | 500k€ sought

Biotech / Drug delivery [Ireland]
Delivering therapeutic molecules directly through the bilayer of living cell membranes can significantly reduce dosage and increase drug functionality. We have invented a molecular nanomachine that easily conjugates with drugs and other molecules, delivering them directly into living cells with maximum efficacy and minimum toxicity
2 patents filed  | 1 M€ sought

IoT / Industry 4.0 [Serbia]
A full turn-key IoT system composed of IoT cloud platform recognized by Linux Foundation and O’Reilly Media, and edge computing gateway supported by an interoperable ecosystem of plug & play components that rapidly accelerates and simplifies the deployment of IoT solutions.
3 customers /2 partenerships | 1.5 M€ sought

IT / Building [France]
We offer an expert system for collaborative and real-time building project management for the BIM. The solution is connected to both the site and the 3D digital model en real time with machine learning capabilities.
Partner with CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center) | 600k€ sought

IT / Cleantech [Croatia]
Small, flexible, affordable and easy to deploy air quality monitoring stations with special focus on real time, validated and reliable measurements, support in new technologies(e.g. NB-IoT) and integrations with world leading IoT platforms. Solution is already recognized by top companies around the world (Nokia, Cisco Systems, DT, Huawei, Ericsson) and is heading to global market of indicative air quality measurements estimated at 10 B€ over the next 10 years.
Our systems are present around the world | 2.5 M€ sought

Digital farming [Switzerland]
We provide a digital eco-system for beekeepers with innovative hive management tools and sustainable technology to manage life threatening parasites and diseases. Our first product kills the Varroa mite using the natural principle of heat and therefore eliminates the biggest enemy of managed bee hives. Our second product is a beekeeping management app
Winner Venture Kick - Winner Environment Award - Successfull crowdfunding >95'000 CHF -  >70 rebuying customers | 1 M€ sought


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See you online on Thursday 18th !