The Early Stage Investing Launchpad – ESIL is a Pan-European community aiming to improve angel investment market, stimulate cross border investment opportunities, find new deals, connect the most relevant networks and build a tailored training programme for local ecosystems.
If you are a business angel, early stage investor, part of a crowdfunding network, an incubator and accelerator or an entrepreneur – join the ESIL community on EuroQuity! You can interact with other individual investors, BAs, crowdfunding platforms, early stage VCs and highly innovative companies.


Do you want to invest internationally?
Do you want to grow your opportunities of co-investing?
Do you want to engage your innovation centre with the investment community?
Do you want the support of your local ecosystem to create new innovation policies?
Do you want to access benchmarks, tools and information on best working supporting schemes?

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Challenge of the European early stage investing:

Challenge of the European early stage investing:

Lack of common practises on how to start the activity
Lack of a tested scheme for international early stage investments
Non-homogeneous growth of local markets
Low representation of women investors – less than 10%
Lack of coordination within early stage financing ecosystems


ESIL delivers a capacity building programme based on a blend of:

ESIL delivers a capacity building programme based on a blend of:
Matchmaking platform
Online pitching events
Intimate events
Stakeholders meeting
Study visits
Open days


ESIL delivers a capacity building programme based on a blend of:


ESIL capacity building programme targets:

ESIL capacity building programme targets:
High-net-worth individuals
Business angels
Co-investment funds
Crowdfunding platforms
Innovation centres
Policy makers
Public agencies



The capacity building is coordinated by META Group in collaboration with Business Angels Europe (the European association of Business Angels), EBN - The European Network of Business Innovation Centres, the European Crowdfunding network and international experts of early stage investing such as Go Beyond, LINC Scotland and Bpifrance.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.727812