What is the Early Stage Investing Launchpad?

Why improve Europe's Angel Investment landscape?

Europe lags behind the US in terms of angel investment and crowdfunding, but in recent years there's been a significant rise in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures across Europe.


Cities are turning into start-up hubs, accelerators and incubators are popping up everywhere.  Business angel networks are becoming increasingly popular - pooling funds allows angels to spread out the costs of expensive due diligence, and when active investors combine their expertise, it makes for better guidance for the startups.


However, Europe continues to struggle to find incentives to facilitate access to finance and to attract and keep young entrepreneurs. In Europe there are still large differences between countries, regions and cities, and the ratio between investors and high net worth individuals is extremely low when compared to the US.


Initiatives like ESIL aim to improve this ratio. By developing cross-border networks of business angels and crowdfunders and improving Europe's angel investment landscape, we will increase opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups, which in turn will boost Europe's economy. Angel investors benefit, entrepreneurs benefit, Europeans benefit. 

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How can I benefit?

ESIL tailors its strategies for each participating country. To learn more about participating countries and our #ESILAngels (aka Local Leaders) click here

We provide:

  • Face-to-face trainings with established angel investors and crowdfunders
  • A digital academy where you can learn online from these experts
  • Webinars throughout the year discussing key issues for investors
  • Access to business angel networks across Europe
  • Networking and knowledge exchange opportunities

You'll learn from established angel investors through our digital academy and designated (no-fee) events held in participating countries. You can take part in webinars, held on a regular basis, and face-to-face trainings. To learn more, get in touch with the #ESILAngel for your country. 

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Access ESIL’s Digital Academy

Our digital academy is chock-full of top-quality resources for acting and aspiring business angels. You can find information on due diligence, financial instruments, building your investment portfolio, angel syndicates and investor groups, cross-border investing and crowdfunding platforms.

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Success Stories

How has innovation policy been affected by ESIL? How have business angel networks been strengthened? Have any business angel clubs been established thanks to ESIL? Have European angel investors been encouraged to engage in cross-border investment opportunities? Read our stories here to discover how ESIL has positively impacted the European angel investment community.