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News from ESIL's network of angel investors across Europe:

Investors Portugal looks to invest €150M in tech-based companies


The new association Investors Portugal was launched on Wednesday 6th of October 2021, as a result of the merger of the two Portuguese business angel groups: the National Federation of Business Angels (FNABA) and the Portuguese Association of Business Angel

All-star founder becomes rookie investor


The founder and CEO of Megadev, Robert Maroschik, says he is in a position to start offering angel investing

Armenian 1wearable wellness startup empowers people through smart insoles and an accountability app to take control of health


Despite all the difficulties that 2020 brought, Embry Tech managed to launch its first batch of Embry Smart Insoles. Now, they are open for seed investment to find product-market fit.

Impact comes first for Italian business angels


55% of Italian angel investors consider themselves to be ‘hybrid angels’ and the majority say they prioritise social impact

Portuguese Lurdes Gramaxo is Europe's female angel investor of the year 2020


The "Golden Aurora 2019" prize for the best female business angel in Europe goes to Lurdes Gramaxo. The jury selected her as the winner, ahead of the two runners-up with equal points, Regina Llopis from Spain and Brigitte Baumann from Switzerland.

Spanish Business Angels remain active despite the COVID-19 pandemic


77% of Spanish Business Angels that invested in 2019 have invested again in 2020, according to AEBAN Business Angels report

Business Angels Europe Club invested €134 million in 2019


Bio/Medtech remained the biggest investment sector, with IT being a close second. Transport and Mobility is the quickest rising investment sector

More than half of UK business angels have continued to invest post COVID-19


Published today, the British Business Bank’s UK Business Angels Market report 2020 reveals that angel investors across the UK are continuing to invest in early stage businesses and are optimistic about the future despite current economic uncertainty.

InvestHorizon e-pitch session featuring Cleantech and Agritech startups


The InvestHorizon acceleration programme is hosting an e-pitch session featuring seven of the most promising European deeptech scale-ups in the Cleantech and Agritech sectors

BAN Vlaanderen completes its 400th deal with OneBonsai


This milestone once again proves BAN Vlaanderen’s indispensable role as a financing platform for young and start-up companies in Belgium.

"If you cannot sacrifice your time, it’s difficult to become a successful entrepreneur."


An interview with Panayiotis Philimis, ESILangel for Cyprus and CEO of CyRIC, new Affiliate Member of Business Angels Europe

"I am proud that we were the driving force in developing angel investment culture in Armenia"


An interview with Sona Veziryan, Deputy Director of Business Angels Network Armenia.

Angel investing in Italy: a whopping €284 million invested in startups in 2019


The 2019 IBAN annual survey gives a snapshot of the growth of the Italian Business Angels market.

Investor Insights: Impact Investing with investor and archaeologist Annegien Blokpoel


To dig you have to know how to excavate. It’s a little bit the same with start-ups.

How coronavirus is affecting Business Angels and start-up investing


Professional business angels warn that “start-up investment will diminish”, with the exception of opportunities that have “impact on issues caused by the virus”

Bulgarian CEO Angels club launched in the UK


This connection will give club investors the chance to meet the many Bulgarian start-ups based in London; as well as giving the diaspora the possibility to invest in Bulgaria

Business Angel group starts in Romania with the help of ESIL


Growceanu Angel Investment is the first Business Angels group in Western Romania. As it happened in other countries such as Armenia and Malta, being part of the ESIL program has been key for this group of investors to take its first steps.

ESIL is building a common understanding between early stage investors across Europe


Angel investors and crowdfunders gathered in Brussels to discuss the lesson learned from ESIL: “The value of networking was invaluable,” they agreed

First Business Angels Network created in Malta


An ESIL event in Malta was instrumental in the creation of the Business Angel Malta network

Spain attracts more and more foreign investors


On November 18 at the CaixaForum Auditorium in Madrid, the VIII National Business Angels Congress of AEBAN took place. Here are the four main outcomes of the session:

Strengthening the early stage investment landscape in Europe


The ESIL Final Conference will be held on December 11 in Brussels. Join us to discuss the future outlook for early stage investors in Europe.

Building an angel ecosystem in Ukraine


Brigitte Baumann and the ESILangel for Ukraine Olga Afanasyeva met with representatives of the government at the Angel Investing Day in Kyiv.

A presidential welcome in Armenia


Luigi Amati, Brigitte Baumann and the ESILangel Greg Hovhannisyan were received by the Armenian president before the second Early Stage Investment Conference

"A club of European angel investors is emerging, which aims to facilitate the connections between markets"


Philippe Gluntz, Honorary President of Business Angels Europe, is working hard to help European startups catch up to those in the US and Asia

ESIL online pitch session leads to €1 million investment


TeiaCare secured funding after participating in the ESIL online pitch event

ESIL Study Visit to the Netherlands and Germany


Join us and come to the "smartest square km in Europe" to learn about angel investment and innovation

What can we learn from the UK angel investment scene?


What can European investors learn from the UK angels?

Join the ESIL cross-border e-pitch session!


The next ESIL pitch session will be held online on July 11th, from 5 to 6 PM CEST. Six European start-up are looking for funding. Is your country the right place for them to grow?

Business Angel Network formed in Armenia thanks to ESIL


In 2017 the first Business Angel network in Armenia was established with the help of the Early Stage Investing Launchpad. “To be part of the ESIL community validated our credibility and make it easier to attract investors,” says the #ESILangel for Armenia

ESIL is driving policy change at national level


In Cyprus, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is brand new, and lessons learned from the EU-funded Early Stage Investing Launchpad (ESIL) programme are being used to inform government policy decisions for the common good.

Come to London and learn how to build an angel investor network


The ESIL Study Visit to the UK will be held on 9-12 July, with a focus on how to create an effective Angel ecosystem

68% of Spanish investors are over 45 years old


AEBAN’s annual report analyses the activity profile of Business Angels in Spain and their relationship with startups

ESIL inspires angel investors to take flight


Slovenian investor Mijana Perko entered the angel investing world because of ESIL.

VentureCon attracts 100 investors to Munich


Munich, one of the most important tech hubs in Europe, hosted an international event that connected 70 European start-ups with more than 100 private investors from all over the continent last Tuesday 21st May.

Top-notch French startups searching for European investors


Join the ESIL e-pitch session on May 28 and meet French companies ready for the next round and looking to expand

Business Angels' time to shine in Slovenia


Tax incentives for business angels and other private investors going into an investment cycle could redefine the innovation environment for start-up companies in Slovenia.

Join the ESIL E-pitch on Impact Investing


Five of the most inspiring social innovation companies in Europe are looking to expand. Is your country the right place for them to grow? Register now and meet them in the ESIL online pitch session

‘Love money’ for Tunisia


The #ESILangel Douja Gharbi does her part to support the entrepreneurs in her country

Activating angel investors in Ireland


A training and information seminar on ‘Angel Investing in High Potential Enterprises, is it for you?’ was held in Claremorris on the 6th of March.

ESIL initiative lands in Tunisia


The #ESILangel for Tunisia Douja Gharbi is hosting an Open Day on March 12

Angel Investing in High Potential Enterprises: is it for you?


Join the #ESILangel for Ireland Ultan Faherty to discover opportunities for angel investors on the West of Ireland.

#ESILangel Jacek Blonski ready to make a splash in Poland


The ESIL programme for Poland was launched at the prestigious Impact Fintech ’18 event in Krakow

A guided tour through the heart of the new “startup nation”


The second ESIL Study Visit will take place in Paris on 27-28 March 2019

A unique insight into the Italian investment world


The first ESIL study visit will take place in Milan on 4-5 March 2019

A presidential launch for ESIL in Georgia


The President's administration signed a memorandum with the #ESILangel for Georgia

ESIL initiative launched in Croatia


10 of 20 participants showed their interest in forming a Business Angels club in Croatia