A new two-year programme for ESIL!

The ESIL initiative of the European Union through the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) is starting a new two-year programme emphasising cross-border collaboration and supporting expansion in widening countries of business angels investments.

ESIL is dedicated to boosting Europe’s innovative ecosystems through the creation of a thriving, connected and diverse angel investment community across all the countries of Europe, whilst strengthening those markets where angel investment may still be lagging behind.

Strengthening the Angel Ecosystems in Eastern Europe

One of the main activities under ESIL is strengthening the Angel Ecosystems in key target countries where angel investment is less developed. Our research has enabled us to identify and focus on 6 countries in the European community: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Romania, Poland and Hungary. All of these countries  offer the potential to further strengthen their Business Angels investment capacity to invest in technology champions in their economy, enhancing their innovation ecosystems, whilst increasing their connections and cross border investment partnerships across Europe.

Our actions in these countries will be supported through our cohort of experienced men and women Angel investors , acting as “Archangels”, working in partnership alongside key investment leaders in the target countries, designed to achieve maximum impact and long term sustainability.


Cross-border investments

Other activity, even more important is building a connected and dynamic European Angel Investment market.

Our work  will also focus on the following actions:

  • Collaboration: Exploring co-investment opportunities, helping angels share risks and amplify returns.
  • Creating new standardised documents to streamline cross-border angel investment deals across Europe.
  • Establishing new partnership agreements between the angel communities from the  6 target countries and angel groups in more developed parts of Europe.
  • Learning Without Limits: Access to a new comprehensive online e-learning platform (MOOC) packed with resources for aspiring and experienced angels alike.

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