Become an Effective Business Angel

Are you already a Business Angel looking to increase your investing skills or interested to start Angel investing and gain knowledge and experience in investing in innovating businesses in Poland?

This exclusive free Effective Angel Investment Programme offers both existing and aspiring Angel Investors in Poland the opportunity to access the skills and experience and insights of leading players from the most developed Angel Investment markets across Europe, working alongside some of the leading Investment players in Poland- enabling you to develop your knowledge and competence in investing in exciting early-stage high growth potential businesses across the country. This new investment training programme is being delivered under the EU-funded ESIL initative.

Want to join the Next Generation of Angels in Poland?

📅 October 7-11, 2024  🕑 Duration: 16 hours  📍Warsaw, Poland

Limited to 25 participants

Apply by Tuesday 30 July! Completing the application form should take about 15 minutes.

Who can participate?

  • Business Angel investing in Poland and want to further build your skills and knowledge to become more effective
  • Potential Business Angel willing to build knowledge and skills to start actively investing in early stage startups in Poland.
  • Individuals coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, skills and experience, including successful entrepreneurs,
  • Individuals having a business experience from key industries or sectors, including those with technology, engineering and innovation backgrounds.

We are also especially keen to attract more women who are already investing or looking to start Business Angel investing  and also individuals from a wide range of ages.

The essential is that you feel you have the spare financial capacity to invest and willing to take risks in backing early-stage businesses. The key is to bring your business skills and expertise alongside your investment to support small businesses to successfully build and grow, with a view to bringing you a return.

What does the course offer?

The Effective Angel Investment Course will offer you access to 16 hours face to face learning from experienced Angel Investors from the most developed Angel markets of Europe working alongside Leading local investors in Poland.

Key topics

The course is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Angel investing process, combined with detailed insights and real life experience:

Module 1: Understanding the Angel market and approaching angel investing.

Module 2: Finding potential deals and what to look for in evaluating an opportunity.

Module 3: Negotiating and structuring an angel deal.

Module 4: Approaching effective due diligence.

Module 5:  Doing the deal- understanding the legal and technical processes for angel investments.

Module 6:  Understanding co-investment and how other European Innovation programme can support your angel investing.

Module 7: The deal is done: developing your post-investment strategy and portfolio management.

Module 8: Are You ready to invest? Investment showcase and pitches and sharing your evaluation and decision-making back.

What to expect?

The training will be based on the knowledge and insights of experienced leading angels from the most developed markets across Europe. There will be a strong focus on knowledge sharing and extensive use of case studies and walkthroughs of the investment process. A special focus will be given to address the specific interests and needs of women seeking to build their skills as angel investors

In this training, you will have the opportunity to participate as an angel potential investor to startup pitches, focusing on technology and innovation.  This experience will allow you to test your evaluation and decision-making skills in a real-life context. 

Access to additional webinars and online learning resources

As a participant on the Effective Angel Investing Course you will also have direct access to 10 hours of online learning, including a series of webinars delivered by angel investors experienced in investing in key growth sectors, as well as topics such as exits, deep due diligence, and case studies of investment. This will include access to a wide range of accessible resources including downloadable templates and access to key legal documents and templates related to the investment process. These will be available to add value to face to face learning and provide a varied menu of topics that you can access at your own pace.

How to apply

1.       Apply to the course by filling in the registration form

2.     Your application will be assessed  by ESIL expert Panel and you will be informed of success in accessing this exclusive Training Course in October.

3.       As soon as the venue is defined, you will receive all the details to join the course.

We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible and at the latest by July 30 in order to ensure you gain your place on this exclusive new training course!

Expert Angel Trainers

Jenny Tooth OBE
Leader of the Angel investment community in the UK, as the most developed Angel market after the US and brings specific experience in empowering more women to angel invest.
Luigi Amati
Luigi Amati
One of the most experienced and influential Italian angel Investor leaders, having established the most prolific Angel investment group in Italy.