Czechia has achieved notable success in BA investments and several indicators reveal areas that could benefit from targeted assistance.  

The Czechia’s GDP per capita, at around $25,000, surpasses the EU median of $21,000. Yet, compared to economically robust EU countries like Germany ($46,000) and the Netherlands ($52,000), there exists a noticeable gap. Supporting the angel investment ecosystem can catalyse economic growth, narrowing this divide and elevating the nation’s economic standing.  

In the “Starting a Business” index, the Czechia holds the 39th position, slightly trailing the EU median ranking of 30th. This highlights an opportunity for enhancement in simplifying business initiation processes.  

Supporting female-led startups and encouraging female investors will not only promote inclusivity but also unlock untapped potential in the ecosystem.

Existing BA Networks

CBAA: Czech Business Angel Association (CBAA) is the national association connecting angel investors in the Czechia and representing their interests. Along with their members, its main objective is to nurture and promote active relations between investors and start-ups in the Czechia so that they provide a stable foundation for innovation and progress 

Depo Ventures: Established in 2016 have quickly grown to become one of the leading investment VCs in pre-seed stage startups in Czechia. They have created an unique platform-based operating model leveraging a hands-on approach of our LP’s, such as C-level executives and successful entrepreneurs. 

Garage Angels: Informal group of individual investors mainly from the south of Moravia that invest in start-up companies in their first, “angel” stages. They share experience, co-invest, proceed together or even independently. 

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