Poland has a budding business angel scene, with growing numbers with about 680 angel investors in 2021. Still, it needs to be boosted compared to other part of Europe. Poland stands out in Europe with its 20% female investor count, which surpasses many of its counterparts. The percentage of female investors in impact investments is even higher, indicating a potential rise in female-led investments in the future.  

Investor Exits

Poland’s investment market is still in its formative years, evident from the number of exits by angels. A notable 67% haven’t made any exits, 24% have made 1 or 2, and only 2% have achieved over 5 exits. Available data provide little to no understanding of the success rate of the exits. Further research should explore the average return on investment and the percentage of exits compared with other countries.  

Signs of Market Maturation

The Polish angel market shows signs of evolving. Tech company founders who’ve achieved global success increasingly pour money into early-stage startups. This pattern, where founders leverage their capital and experience to boost new projects, has bolstered the U.S. startup ecosystem. It’s a promising sign for Poland’s future in this space. Few women arise from the founders turned angel investors group – the reasons for that should be analysed in detail.

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Aper Angels, member of Business Angels Europe, is a co-investment fund focusing on deep tech and hardware companies with the potential for rapid growth and global expansion. 

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