Romania started to develop its startup ecosystem early in the 2000’s but the first organized group of business angel investors started only later in 2013 when a group of entrepreneurs founded TechAngels. As of today, the number of investors that are part of a business angels club or network is probably above 400, even though a good part of them just recently joined such a group and such, they did not invest yet as business angels.

Besides, the crowdfunding phenomenon is growing in Romania, with SeedBlink leading the way and followed by others like Ronin.

Existing BA Networks

TechAngels is counting 138 investors with members coming from all over the country and diaspora (10.14% female).  

TAN is investing in pre-seed B2B SaaS, deep tech (fintech, health tech, edtech, cyber) and with 10% female as part of the group.  

Growceanu is counting 144 members (15% female investors). The Growceanu platform mainly targets startups in the SaaS, Proptech, Medtech, Artificial Intelligence, Edutech, Fintech, Enterprise Software, Marketing Tech, AR & VR, Web3 & Blockchain. 

Bravva is a women business angels network started in 2022, counting about 160 members. 

WIT Angels (Women Investing in Tech), founded in 2021, is a community of angel investors where women invest in early-stage technology with purpose, through learning and support from the club.

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