With strong research institutes, skilled tech talent, and increasing investment, Hungary’s buzzing startup ecosystem is expected to continue growing. In this context, shifting perspectives towards the integration of gender diversity in entrepreneurial initiatives throughout Hungary is essential. The key lies in informing the ecosystem about the importance of gender diversity.

The path to gender equality is obstructed by longstanding cultural norms which have limited women’s access to entrepreneurial networks due to the prevalence of male dominance in these areas. In response, networks aimed specifically at women have been established, though the ultimate aim should be fostering environments that are truly inclusive to prevent perpetuating the divide.

The investment climate in Hungary is another area of concern, with a notably small amount of capital available from angel investors. This poses a significant challenge for Hungarian entrepreneurs who do not have the advantage of substantial earnings from global tech giants or lucrative exits from successful startups. This lack of financial and experiential resources highlights the necessity for foundational support.

Existing BA Networks

HunBAN is the official angel investor association of Hungary. Its aim is to welcome and unite all business angels who are interested in investment opportunities not only on a local, but a regional level as well. The network’s mission is to integrate Hungary into the international circulation of business angels and truly represent both the companies and the investors’ interests. 

Women Business Angels (WBA), focusing mainly on information, education and training, and its network is part of HunBAN as well. In Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary, WBA provides information as a missing element of the economic ecosystem for the public and those interested in angel investments. WBA informs women about becoming business angels or internationally competitive company founders using examples from the digital age.

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